Case studies

Online tool to prepare and share hikes

PHP refactoring, geographical computations

Client :

  • The client is an important player in the hikes online planning and sharing domain.


  • Analyse et refactor PHP legacy code (no framework).
  • Propose technical solutions to simplify and improve existing code.
  • Propose solutions to implement new geographical computation algorithms.

Tasks carried out:

  • Code refactoring: use Composer, add namespaces, use PHP-DI, upgrade to PHP 7, add acceptance tests, add database migration system, compatibility with PSR-2, PSR-3, PSR-4, PSR-11...
  • Compute similarity rate between 2 GPS tracks.
  • Improve existing site: add functionality, fix problems, improve performances.
  • Develop a custom CLI tool for the site.
  • Setup a development environment with Vagrant and Ansible.
Geographical computations
In short
Refactor legacy PHP code
Geographical computations
Add new functionalities