Case studies

Ruby on Rails CRM

ERP / CRM tools built with Ruby on Rails


  • Fahrner company.
  • Based in Niedermodern, France, Fahner manufactures plastic pieces for the industry.

Tasks carried out:

  • Needs analysis with the client.
  • Understanding of the problems faced by the company: visibility problems of the commercial department on customer orders, communication problems between the company's different services.
  • Software development: Ruby on Rails application development in collaboration with the client.

Technical specifications:

  • Redesign of the Fat Free CRM Rails application into a Rails engine in order to be able to integrate it into another existing Rails application. Contributions to the Fat Free CRM open source project.
  • Shared authentication: users connect with their ERP accounts and inherit permissions defined in a common interface.
  • Existing data import: customer accounts, contacts, tasks.
  • Contacts synchronization between the ERP and the CRM.

This application is integrated with the Ruby on Rails ERP.

In short
Custom application development using open-source technologies
Agile project management, iterative delivery, close collaboration with the client