Case studies

Custom Ruby on Rails ERP

ERP / CRM tools built with Ruby on Rails


  • Fahrner company.
  • Based in Niedermodern, France, Fahner manufactures plastic pieces for the industry.

Tasks carried out:

  • Needs analysis with the client.
  • Understanding of the problems faced by the company: organization of production, difficulties to determine manufacturing delays, poor insight on production status, difficulties to harness data captured by the existing ERP.
  • Understanding of the company's technical environment: intranet architecture, servers, existing databases and softwares.
  • Validating the conceived solution: intranet web application with data tables, calendars and communication tools.
  • Splitting tasks in small sprints in order to have functional software units as soon as possible and gather client's feedback regularly.
  • Software development: in collaboration with the client, Ruby on Rails application development.

Technical specifications:

  • Linux Ubuntu server install: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL database, git server, Capistrano setup for automated deployment.
  • Authorization and authentication: read / write permissions depending on user groups.
  • Allow connections to an existing Microsoft SQL Server 2003 remote database hosted in the intranet.
  • Calendars to display machines occupancy and to schedule manufacturings.
  • Data visualization in filterable and sortable data tables. Data export to pdf and csv formats.
  • Performance optimization by setting up various layers of cache.

This application is integrated with the Ruby on Rails CRM.

In short
Custom application development using open-source technologies
Agile project management, iterative delivery, close collaboration with the client